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These recipes call for human semen.

The donor must be healthy, he must not have a STD (Sexually transmitted diseas) or a blood borne contagious disease. He must not have had acute long term exposure to poisons, heavy metals, radiation or intravenous injections.

The receiver must not be allergic to semen, sensitive to testosterone or have cancer tumors that could contact concentrated ejaculate (due to prostaglandins).

Do not mix semen into cola drinks, there is a chemical reaction and the cola colouring separates.

It is a crime to put semen in someone's food or drink without their permission.

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    This is great with any green/garden salad. After the men ejaculate on the salad, let the semen stand for fifteen minutes to melt, then add dressing. If you want the semen fresher, the men may orgasm into the vinegar of the salad dressing then wait only a minute for it to melt.

    Fresh Semen     1 ejaculation for each couple eating

    Balsamic Vinegar     1/4 cup

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil     1/4 cup

    Lemon Juice     2 tablespoons

    Parsley     2 tablespoons

    Basil     1 tablespoon

    Oregano     a pinch

    Dried Crushed Red Peppers     1/4 teaspoon

Add semen directly to salad and wait fifteen minutes or combine the semen and vinegar, letting stand while whisking the other ingredients. Add all together and shake vigorously. Pour evenly over salad.


    This is perhaps the easiest way to start your day right by getting your semen in the morning. Ejaculating into a glass just after my shower leaves enough time for the semen to melt before I fill the glass with orange juice. If you don't let it melt, the cool juice will keep the jism stuck to the glass.

    Fresh Semen     1 ejaculation for each person drinking

    Orange juice     1 cup

Allow the semen to melt, then add orange juice and enjoy right away.


   Called Pick-nick Eggs or Stuffed Eggs, these are delicious boiled eggs with the egg yoke spiced up and then placed back into the white halves.

    Fresh Semen     1 ejaculation for each couple eating

    Hard Boiled Eggs     2

    Finely Chopped Olives Or Celery     1/4 cup

    Finely Chopped Sweet Pepper Or Pimento    1/4 cup

    Oil     1 tablespoon

    Lemon Juice Or Mayonnaise     1 tablespoon

    Paprika     liberal sprinkle

Boil eggs gently for 20 minutes, then let cool in cold water. Carefully remove the shells, and cut in half longways. Combine yolks and other ingredients well, then scoop heaping mounds into the egg white halves and cover with paprika.


    This is refreshing!

    Fresh Semen     1 ejaculation for each person drinking

    Clamato Juice     2/3 cup

    Vodka     1 Ounce

    Worcestershire Sauce     1 dash

    Tabasco Sauce     1 dash

    Salt and Pepper     1 dash

    Celery Stalk     1

Ejaculate into Vodka and allow the semen to melt (a minute should do it). Pour in Clamato (or Tomato Juice in a pinch) and garnish.


   It is best to use an instant pudding mix, so that you do not have to cook the semen. Vanilla flavour just makes sense, In my humble opinion.

    Fresh Semen     1 ejaculation for each couple eating

    Package of Instant Pudding     1

    Milk     usually 2 cups

Allow the semen to melt in the serving bowl. Add the milk and pudding mix and stir vigorously. Cool serving bowl in fridge, then serve at the table into smaller bowls.

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